Services Offered

Cut Back Plan: $20

  • Ready to learn how to Cut back and also see how much money you’d save on a monthly and even yealy basis?
  • We’ll help you take that hard look at your spending habits, in order to help you decide on a plan to slowly reduce your spending and also show you ways to decrease the amount of your bills like water, electricity and maybe even your rent.

6 Month Budget Plan: $20

6 month Budget Plan w/ Personal Assistant Option: $20 upfront + $10/month 

Do you need assistance creating a budget? Don’t fell alone, many folks don’t even know where to start. Bright Balance Ministries will go through the step-by-step approach to

  • Helping you create a 6 month budget w/ your personal goals in mind
  • Showing you how to Keep the Budget in mind throughout the day


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