Every Day Tips


* Don’t use the drive thru: Parking the car uses less fuel, plus it gives you a little added exercise.Fam Car

* Keep tires inflated to the right pressure. This will cut down on drag and consequently, fuel usage.

*While cruising the freeway: Keeping the windows up while using the A/C vs. rolling with the windows down = pretty much the same results as far as gas mileage. When going less than 40 mph however; rolling your windows down and turning off the AC is best.

* Plan your errands BEFORE leaving your home. This will allow you to plan in such a way that you drive the least amount of miles. Less miles equals less fuel usage which saves money

* Don’t pump your fuel as fast as you can. Go slowly to avoid evaporation

* There are a few tools that help locate the lowest price fuel. My wife and I use the Gas Buddy app.

*Take the first parking space you find. Driving around looking for a space close to the store’s front door waste time and fuel. Walking a little bit further will not kill you- I am sure of it.

* Consider a AAA membership. I recently learned that AAA gives discounts on everything from hotels to shoes…yes shoes. If you’re a traveling family, hotel and car rental discounts may save you some money. Besides, how many times have you paid to have someone unlock your car because you locked your keys in thereCar2

*Park in a space that allows you to pull out head-first when you are ready to leave. Having to go into reverse then forward uses more fuel.

*Change your oil regularly. Keep your vehicle running smoothly and it will help extend the life of the vehicle, reduce maintenance costs and fuel usage.

* Reduce the load: The heavier the car is the more fuel it will burn per mile. Got heavy stuff in your trunk or back seat? Get it outta there!!


* Instead of renting, get your movies from the Library, it’s FREE. Besides, when you forget to return the movies they charge extra. Those dollars add up.
* Pawn shops are great places to find movies at reduced prices. I know, I know, you want that brand new movie, but, it’s the same exact movie even if you only pay $5 (or less) for it. Enjoy the savings.
* Having the internet at home is very convenient, but, the library, Starbuck’s, McDonald’s, and other Cafe’s have FREE internet.
* Your TV should not be the “automatic babysitter”. Consider not having cable at all or at least dropping down to a basic package. Yes, families entertained each other before cable existed. You can do it!! Besides, I’m sure you would not mind an extra 30, 50 or even 100 dollars in your bank account at the end of the month, right?
* Resist the urge to buy that big screen TV “right now”. Wait until you can pay 100% cash. Patience is a virtue.
* Second hand stores have big screens, flat TVs, Blue Ray players, stereos with I-pod ports and DVD players. Keep more money in your bank account by shopping resale shops now and then. Make it a date with your hubby or wife.
* Love to read? These three sites have free reading apps you can download onto your computer or smart phone. They also have free books you can download instantly. Enjoy your favorite authors without spending a penny.

* Resale shops are a great place to find nice clothing (even name brands) at a fraction of the cost. My wife and I love resale shops. We can walk out of there with three outfits each and spend less than 10 dollars 🙂 If my son is with us we can buy a total of nine outfits and spend less than 13 dollars!
* If you shop at traditional department stores, gravitate to the clearance racks.
* Don’t get lured in by “buy one get one half off/free” deals. Sometimes they are great deals but if paying the extra cash for the second item is not in the budget, quickly walk away!!
* Check out sites like www.10dollarmall.com for really great clothing and accessories at bargain prices. And shipping is really reasonable as well 🙂
* Despite what society says you don’t need a ton of clothes. Try not to go overboard with clothe purchasing. Buy what you need, and that’s it.
*You may want to consider the kind of oil that requires yearly instead of quarterly oil changes.
Tiny Closet


* Spend more time here and less time eating out! Prepare dinner as a family. Divide the chopping, washing, basting, mixing, etc among the family members.
* Don’t spend money on junk food. Eating healthy helps avoid spending money at the doctor’s office. As the wise saying goes, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”.
* Try shopping for only one week’s groceries instead of two. Your food will be fresher and you’ll waste less of it. Some folks shop for only what they’ll need for that day. If you do this you’ll be spending more in fuel going to the grocery store….check your finances to see what is better for your family.
* Got a water bill? Don’t turn the faucet on full blast when washing your hands. Try turning it on just enough to do the job. Use less water, spend less money.
* Grocery shopping: Make a list of what you need before you leave the house. Once at the grocery store do not buy anything that’s not on the list. I know it’s difficult to resist those Sushi rolls and the already-prepared crab cakes but discipline is a Godly trait.
(PS: My wife, the organizer/planner in this relationship, thinks the “Out of Milk” shopping list app for the smart phone is amazing!)
Tiny Inside

*If you’re not using it, turn it off. Any appliances that you’re not using should be unplugged. Just having them plugged in does draw from your electricity. See that light on your coffee pot, PS3 and DVD player? Yeah, they require power which requires those precious pennies you’re trying to save.
* My wife and I love to shop the dollar stores for certain household items
* Are you aware that your savings will gain more interest in a Credit Union versus a bank? Credit Unions generally charge less interst on lonas and give more interests on savings!
* Check your mortgage contract to see if paying half your mortgage every other week would be better than paying the traditional monthly payment! (paying half your monthly payment every other week is equal to one extra payment per year IF your contract allows it)

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