The Frugal Life: Put Away Your Money, Your #Doctor May Be Wrong!


I have two slipped and torn disks in my lower back. For those with medical knowledge, they are between my L4, L5 & S1. For those that are not, they are just above my tail bone. I also have scoliosis in between my shoulder blades. Needless to say this is a painful situation, especially on days when both conditions hurt at the same time. January 24, 2015 will be my 40th birthday and I find it difficult to do certain things I really enjoy like teaching hip hop dance/choreography, 110 meter hurdles, martial arts tournaments, and even stuff I don’t enjoy like long distance running. (Any race longer than 110 meters is just insane!)

I had very reluctantly accepted the idea that I’d never again win another martial arts trophy or compete in #CrossFit® games in the future. For someone who’s been athletic ever since birth this is depressing and annoying. The mental frustration is sometimes more painful than the injuries themselves.

Several months ago a friend showed me a #YouTube video of a man who was told by multiple doctors that he’d “never walk without a crutch again.” This man has a wife and children. He felt helpless to provide for his family as any good husband does. The mental strain of being so limited would bring him to tears at times. I can relate to his psychological battle.


Ready for the good news? He heard there were exercises that could fix his knee injuries! That’s not a typo and before you say it’s impossible, keep reading. As I watched this video I witnessed this determined father doing the exercises he’d heard about. He strained to get his body into the Yoga-like positions. He fell over again and again. However, by the end of the video he was not just walking unaided by the crutches, but RUNNING!

My point is that your doctor may be totally wrong in his/her prognosis. It happens all the time. Doctors are flawed human beings who make mistakes in their offices and on the operating table. They are not perfect, yet, we act as if they are. They say take the pills and we do it, they say “it’s incurable” and we believe it. They say “you’ll never teach martial arts again” and I say “I’ve had enough.” Enough paying for follow-up visits to their offices, enough of paying to see specialists, enough of paying to remain injured, missing out on the many activities that help keep me healthy. And especially enough of paying for medication that only helps me deal with pain by putting me to sleep. I’ll keep my money in the bank and fund my retirement accounts, save for my child’s education, save for vacations, and fund my gym membership, thank you very much. I will focus on maintaining my fiscal and physical health!

As a Christian I believe in following God’s lead in everything, health included. And who knows the inner workings of your body better than God? Nobody!

Psalm 139:13 & 14
You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb.
Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex!


It is not mere coincidence that there are hundreds of YouTube videos of folks defying the conventional medical wisdom. Is the hopelessness offered by the medical community something to be held onto? Are we supposed to accept a life less livable, less active, and less fun based on the opinion of a flawed human just because they have more training and a piece of paper hanging on their office wall?

I certainly refuse to do so. I am done being one of the medical field’s statistics. I want to join those folks who never gave up, beat the odds, and proved the doctors wrong. Just as there are those that say you can never be wealthy – the naysayers – there are those that say you have to accept what a doctor tells you. Not so. Therefore, my new routine towards dealing with these injuries – and consequently saving wads of money – begins today, March 15th, 2014.

I’ll update you on my progress and the money I save along the way. CrossFit® games, here comes Taz Bright!

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